Seal the Spaces Between Your Bricks

For tuckpointing in Forest Lake, MN, work with our expert crew

Bricks are a reliable and sturdy option for building a home or business. Over time, however, the mortar between the bricks can begin to chip away, leaving your building at risk of major damage. ITPI Restoration LLC can provide the brick restoration work you need to protect your property.

We offer tuckpointing services all over the Forest Lake, MN region. This process involves removing some of the current mortar and replacing it with fresh materials. The result is a more visually appealing look and a safer building.

Get the brick restoration work you need for your residential or commercial space. Speak with us today to talk about the project.

Learn more about the tuckpointing process

Learn more about the tuckpointing process

At ITPI Restoration, we make tuckpointing easy for our clients. When you hire us for the job, we'll:

  • Visit your property to inspect your bricks
  • Use professional tools to chip away at the old mortar
  • Use fresh mortar to refill the spaces
  • Clean up the bricks to make them look pristine

Take good care of your building so you'll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. Talk to our staff now to schedule tuckpointing services in Forest Lake, MN.